A new Chimney

Many Hotel Yak and Yeti frequenters were saddened when the Chimney Restaurant founded by the legendary Boris Lissanevitch was closed last year. They missed Boris’ famous signature dishes like Goulash and Fondue and the extraordinary copper chimney that was the centerpiece f his restaurant. But the wait is over, The Chimney is back with a fresh look and even fresher menu.

Yak and Yeti decided to recreate and rebrand The Chimney as a place where the old meets the new: up-scale and high fashion, yet casual and comfortable.

 “After serving international guests, expats and diplomats for a long time, the management wanted to turn things around and welcome Nepalis as well,” explains the hotel’s Food and Beverage Director Manish Goyal. “To share the celebrated history of the restaurant with young crowd we are introducing an ambience that is familiar to them and a place for friends to hangout.”


The new outdoor lounge has chic furniture that invites guests to relax, and enjoy lunch and evening snacks in the winter sun. When it gets chillier, they can either ask for a blanket or move inside where the historical copper chimney makes things warm and cosy.

Boris’ designer dishes like Smoked Beckti, Chicken a la Kiev, and the flaming Baked Alaskan Sagarmatha are still there, but there is an international menu, prepared by Executive Chef Ameya Deshmukh, main chef Sunil Tamang and their team.  

The menu infuses fresh ingredients and herbs from the hotel’s own garden to create fusion dishes like Pork sausage with gundruk ko achar, Methi thepla tacos, and even Chicken chhoila, Makai sandheko and Samayabaji.  

The bar has eliminated plastic straws and stirrers with copper ones and done away with bottled syrups and preservatives. The Miracle (beetroot and carrot juice with whisky and honey), Carrot Colada (white rum, coconut water and homemade carrot puree) and other drinks are simple and authentic.

 “Our goal is to present a modern menu that is also good for the environment. It is inspired by waste reduction and creative thinking,” says manager Ron Sonar.

Chef Sunil Tamang. Photos: SIKUMA RAI

But the bottom line of The Chimney’s transformation is the prices: they have been slashed and are much less than levels at other star hotels. Combining great food with affordable prices and a history makes the new Chimney as good as, if not better than, the old one.

 Must try:

Salad: Crunchy beetroot and pear salad (Rs500)
Soup: Cream of potato (Rs500)
Cocktail: Carrot Colada or The Miracle (Rs500)
Tapas: BBQ chicken wings with spiced potato wedges (Rs750),

 12-10:30pm,  The Chimney Restaurant, Hotel Yak and Yeti, Darbar Marg,     (01) 4248999

Main: Chicken a la Kiev (Rs1,700)

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Indian fine dining, Sikuma Rai


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