Knowing our mountains

Only if we can identify individual peaks will we value and respect the Himalaya

Himalayans on the frontlines

The double-barrel crisis of climate and Covid has hit Nepal’s Himalayan communities hard with its impact on livelihoods and the natural environment.I myself have...

Um Hong-Gil’s Project Impossible

Famous Korean climber’s next goal after summiting the world’s 16 highest peaks is to build schools across Nepal

Sonia Awale

Nepal’s wet, icy winter

Trans-Himalayan districts of Humla and Jumla as well as East Rukum in Karnali Province have been snowed in since Thursday night as...

Tang Ting’s winter wonderland

One of the advantages of Nepal’s spreading road network is that scenic spots that used to take days of trekking to reach...

Nepal lashed by winter rain and snow

Kathmandu Valley and the surrounding areas experienced rains from Tuesday night with moderate snowfall in Chandragiri and Pulchoki in the outskirts.Heavier snow...

On-screen mountains

For those who have never climbed a mountain before, it may be difficult to understand the allure. After all, mountaineering is the...

Sahina Shrestha

Nepali pioneers new route on Kilimanjaro

Three-time Everest summiteer and climate activist Dawa Steven Sherpa has forged a new route up Africa’s highest mountain to help Tanzania with an...

UN climate report declares planetary emergency

As if the drought, wildfire and flood disasters this year were not bad enough, scientists have warned that unless the world reduces emissions of greenhouse gases drastically, these...

The Kosi’s sorrow, and scope

Exploring Nepal’s largest river during a destructive monsoon

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