Postcards from Kathmandu

Three generations of photographers from the Das family with a visual overview of a changing Nepal

Pokhara bound flight crashes in Nepal

32 bodies recovered so far but rescue hampered by spectators

Style and substance

The Himalaya may be famous globally for the world’s highest mountains and the people who climb them, but this 3,000km range has...

Sonia Awale

Back to Manang after 43 years

The Prague Spring democracy uprising had just been crushed by Soviet troops in 1968, and many Czechoslovaks fled the country. Photographer Zdeněk...

Kathmandu from space 60 years apart

Then and Now: The Corona surveillance satellite image taken on 5 February 1967 shows the broad floodplains of the rivers flowing through...

Kunda Dixit

Cost of living in a big city

Over the last decades, Nepal’s socio-political transformation has led the country from an agriculturally-dependent rural nation to a country with expanding urban...

The delta of kāma

In 1294 the crown princess of Banepa donated a shiva linga to the nearby principality of Panauti. A temple was built to enshrine...

Ashish Dhakal

Potholes on the highway to Nepal’s EV future

Electric vehicles are making a splash in Nepal, sales have seen a spurt in the past two years. But a lot more work needs...

WARNING: Breathing is hazardous to health

Two studies published this week show that the air in Kathmandu is even more hazardous to health than previous research showed because...

Sonia Awale

Nepal still mixing garbage with politics

Kathmandu’s chronic garbage problem is magnified by politicians trying to score brownie points

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