Geopolitics of Nepal’s rivers

India edges China out of Nepal’s river projects as water becomes a strategic commodity

Securing Nepal’s electric future

The country is set to increase hydropower generation eightfold, but risks wasting the power

Climate-smarter Himalayan infrastructure

In June 2021, a massive debris flow on the Melamchi River killed at least 30 people, submerged settlements, and nearly destroyed Nepal’s...

Sonia Awale

The geopolitics of Nepal’s water and electricity

A rapidly warming atmosphere is melting Himalayan glaciers, changing the seasonal flow of water in Nepal’s rivers, and increasing the interest of downstream India...

To be or not to be on the MCC

Billions invested by Nepalis in the hydropower sector will be in danger if transmission lines are not built

Breathing can kill you

It is that time of the year again when smog makes Kathmandu’s air hazardous to health. Hospitals are swamped not with Covid, but COPD...

Sonia Awale

Nepal electricity demand soars

Household electricity consumption with the onset of winter, dedicated supply to industries and increase in electric vehicles is fuelling demand for hydropower, reducing...

Nepal’s precious electricity going waste

While almost 10% of the Nepali population continues to live without power, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has begun to export surplus...

Anita Bhetwal

Nepal needs to plan for plenty and scarcity of water

Climate change, pollution, and lack of infrastructure restrict water access in Nepal. Madhav Belbase, retired Secretary of the Ministry of Water Supply,...

Nepal’s 1st hydroelectric plant is a museum piece

It was 6:30pm on 22 May 1911, and the sun had just set in Kathmandu when King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah arrived...

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