An archive of Nepali heritage

The Nepal Architecture Archive sets an example on how to preserve the country's cultural history

Ashish Dhakal

Singha Darbar, not Singapore

The obsession of our leaders with Singapore is unmatched. Every prime minister we have had in the 30 years (some of them...

Painted walls and pieces of history

The noise and dust from busy traffic at the Mangal Bazar intersection filters in through the lattice window at a corner of...

Ashish Dhakal

Buried in history

The British cemetery at Kathmandu is little known but not hard to find.Keep the imposing white sweep of the British Embassy gate...

Saving Nepal’s archives from oblivion

In June 2019, a team from the National Archives reached Taplejung in eastern Nepal to find decaying handwritten parchments, centuries-old manuscripts, and stone inscriptions...

Kathmandu’s passage of time in photos

Nepal is known the world over for its majestic mountains and historic monuments, but for American development worker Scott Faiia there are...

Ashish Dhakal

The statelessness pandemic

Legal theorists once consigned the idea of ‘statelessness’ to the realm of fiction, because they considered it to be impossible within the...

The start of the Anglo-Gorkha war

Nepali Times reporter Alisha Sijapati spent a month retracing the Gorkha expansion beyond the Mahakali River more than 200 years ago to...

Lain Singh Bangdel’s 'Sigh'

Why is there is a look of quiet contentment in Bangdel’s visage in the artist’s self-portrait?

Rajan Sakya

Where Siddhartha Gautam walked

Kapilvastu-Tilaurakot is 2,700 years old, and is the most well preserved archaeological site in South Asia

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