The Red Panda House

New building in Taplejung is not just a training centre, but a base camp for Kanchenjunga trekkers

Save Nepal’s orchids

Himalayan orchids need urgent protection before they are smuggled to extinction

A life dedicated to Nepal’s butterflies

Colin Smith lies in his hospital bed dressed in a blue button-up, and the trademark Dhaka topi perched on his head. The short...

Close encounter of the wild kind in Nepal

On World Rhino Day, a Nepali conservationist recounts being nearly gored to death, and a lesson in conservation

Rajendra N Suwal

Protecting Nepal’s endangered wild cattle

On the morning of 4 May, I got a call from the chief warden of Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in eastern Nepal....

The history of heritage

Seven years ago, on a particularly gloomy Saturday, the ground groaned as an earthquake shook Central Nepal, flattening villages and killing thousands.Many...

Ashish Dhakal

Protecting Nepal’s parks by saving buffer zones

Next generation buffer zone policies will help conserve the country’s natural diversity for the future

Saving Nepal’s archives from oblivion

In June 2019, a team from the National Archives reached Taplejung in eastern Nepal to find decaying handwritten parchments, centuries-old manuscripts, and stone inscriptions...

Kathmandu’s ancient water spouts still functioning

Many great cities and civilisations in world history have collapsed, their populations forced to relocate, when their water systems ran dry. But...

Planet of the pangolins

3 May 2009 has a special significance for Tulsi Laxmi Suwal, as it was the day she found a mother pangolin with...

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