For destruction, ice is also great and will suffice

Increased risk of glacial lake outburst floods threatens lives and mega projects in the Himalaya

Sonia Awale

Norway supports Himalayan climate research

Norway, Nepal and ICIMOD are extending their partnership to protect the Water Tower of Asia

Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, Pema Gyamtsho

2022: mandates, migrants and malaise

A year plagued by disasters and political crises, but also hope for the future

What next after COP27 L&D fund?

Nepal has a key role in ensuring that the loss and damage fund agreed at COP27 is paid out and properly spent

The climate crisis is a water crisis in the Himalaya

The Himalaya is the largest storehouse of water as ice after the polar regions, which is why it is called the Third...

Sonia Awale

It’s sink or swim for the Himalaya

The Himalaya is a hotspot in more ways than one. Climate breakdown is melting its ice at an unprecedented rate, countries that...

Kunda Dixit

Global crisis, local solutions

Nepal must not wait for rich countries to pledge funds for climate action, we can do a lot on our own

Sonia Awale

Which loss and damage?

World leaders, including from Nepal, will gather again at Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt this month to assess the climate emergency, and agree...

Make or break climate summits

This November, world leaders gather in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt to negotiate, monitor progress on targets, and implement global climate action.The...

Are Climate Summits a Waste of Time?

Next month, the latest annual United Nations climate extravaganza, COP27, will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Last year it was in Glasgow....

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