“Ambedkar would have spoken out”

Project Syndicate talks with Shashi Tharoor an MP for the Indian National Congress and the author, most recently, of Ambedkar: A Life

In realms of the senses

We have all been taught in school that human beings communicate through only five senses: touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. American...

Kunda Dixit

A mine of stories from Gurja

This hidden village in the shadow of Mt Dhaulagiri is a microcosm of rural Nepal

Sonia Awale

Seriously funny political humour

The Soviets had just invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 to crush the Prague Spring pro-democracy movement. A year later, the Czechs were in...

Kunda Dixit

It’s sink or swim for the Himalaya

The Himalaya is a hotspot in more ways than one. Climate breakdown is melting its ice at an unprecedented rate, countries that...

Kunda Dixit

An archive of one’s own

What does it mean to have a book you can hold in your hands? It can mean having something to read — as simple...

Change on a Himalayan scale

German journalist Peter Hinze always had a fascination for the Himalaya, and later for trail-running.  On one of his trips to Nepal, at...

Kunda Dixit

A ray of hope for Nepal

Takashi Miyahara was a Japanese development worker who was first assigned to Nepal in the 1960s, when the powers he had ordained...

The stone-breaker’s daughter

Six-year-old Hima Tamata used to look at her reflection in a pool on the banks of a river near Surkhet. The still...

The climate crisis in fiction and non-fiction

Born in Calcutta, and now a New York-based writer, Amitav Ghosh approaches the subject of the global environmental crisis through two literary genres: fiction...

Kunda Dixit
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