Save Nepal’s orchids

Himalayan orchids need urgent protection before they are smuggled to extinction

Including local knowledge to study climate change

Scientist couple spend six months researching climate impact on glaciers and biodiversity below Kangchenjunga

Kunda Dixit

Nijgad’s green runway

The path is open to declare a national park in the native forest where the airport would have been

Protecting Nepal’s parks by saving buffer zones

Next generation buffer zone policies will help conserve the country’s natural diversity for the future

Freshwater dolphin comeback in Nepal

It is the best possible New Year 2022 present. A local nature guide in Nepal, Tek Mahato took several photos of a...

Nepal can up forest cover to 45% by 2030

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba announced at COP26 last week that Nepal would increase forest cover to 45% of its area by...

Right trees for right seasons in Kathmandu

Every spring Kathmandu turns into a city of flowers blooming with jacaranda and bougainvillea. People wait year-round to escape the otherwise dull...

UN climate report declares planetary emergency

As if the drought, wildfire and flood disasters this year were not bad enough, scientists have warned that unless the world reduces emissions of greenhouse gases drastically, these...

Grow back greener

The pandemic offers us the chance to tread lighter on the land allow nature to restore itself

Anjana Rajbhandary

Night of the firefly

Many of us have fond childhood memories of the जुनकिरी (firefly), chasing the fascinating lightning bugs through fields and forests. Across the...

Sonia Awale
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