Giving prayer wheels an arty spin

Taragaon Next exhibition features Bidhata KC’s vision of healing in modern times

Ashish Dhakal

When art unites what divides us

Two exhibitions tune into the dialogue between nature and life through experiments in contemporary art

The sky is the limit for photography on canvas

Wind Horse’s latest contemporary exhibition looks upwards through a blend of genres and techniques

Nepal’s pavilion afloat in Venice

Through the windows of a traditional Venetian building, one catches a glint of bronze. Drawing closer, it begins to take shape: a...

Ashish Dhakal

Nepal art debut in Venice

Nepal is set to make its debut at the 59th International Art Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) with the inaugural pavilion titled ‘Tales...

Ashish Dhakal

Art for a cause

More than 1,500 children in Nepal are diagnosed every year with some form of cancer. Many of them are treatable, but because...

Memories of home

After nearly a year of closure, Siddhartha Art Gallery is putting up two new shows. Jagdish Moktan’s The Way Home is Away from...

Atrocities against Tharu expressed in art

As they enter Lavkant Chaudhary’s Masinya Dastoor exhibition at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, the visitors are strongly drawn to one particular work...

Lost in Transition

Though the medium is oil on canvas, Mann Gurung employs only sepia tones in his paintings, evoking the era of old photographs....

Leaving an imprint

Printmaking is as old as Nepal's history itself, and printmakers have brought fame to the country by winning many  international competitions. For all that, little is known about...

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