“How can we argue that those victims whose loved ones disappeared should simply forget?”

Interview with human rights activist Mandira Sharma

Delay, dilute, deny

A whole generation of Nepalis has grown up with no knowledge of the decade-long war

Shristi Karki

Photographic memory of war

Following a young boy’s life from war to peace, 20 years later

Kunda Dixit

Ghosts of war

Nearly three decades after the Maoists launched their armed struggle on 13 February 1996, Nepal is still haunted by the violence

Sonia Awale

Armed Conflict and Conflict of Interest

Rabi Lamichhane’s rant was Trumpian populism, an anti-media ‘drain the swamp’ whataboutery

Nepali activists write to UN Secretary-General

Nepali human rights activists and survivors of the 1996-2006 Maoist insurgency have written to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres alerting him to...

Forgetting to remember

Eighteen years after the end of Nepal's Maoist conflict, and eight years after the Supreme Court ruled that a law on transitional...

Sahina Shrestha

No closure after Nepal’s insurgency

Sixteen years after the conflict ended, families still struggle for transitional justice

Still looking for Dad missing in Nepal

On 22 June 2004, Nandagopal Mali left home in Thecho, Lalitpur as usual for his workshop where he was casting a bronze...

Forbidden to remember the Kotbada massacre

It was 8 December 2002, and my documentary जोगीमाराका ज्युँदाहरु (The Living of Jogimara) was being screened at the Kathmandu International Mountain...

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