The ‘Organic Uncle’ of Chitwan

A farmer on the verge of giving up turned things around for himself and others

“My children shouldn't be farmers”

Is it any surprise that farmers in Chitwan are agitating?

Nepal’s ‘spray and pray’ approach to agriculture

It makes up one-third of the GDP, but this year’s budget failed to confer farming the importance it deserves

Safeguarding the soul of sal

It was sunny afternoon in December in 2018, I was sitting on a pile of logs at the Janakalyan Community Forest Office...


The annual paddy planting season is upon us, and the sculpted contours of rice terraces mirror the clouds as farmers wade into the submerged fields.Across Nepal on Wednesday...

Climate change hits Himalayan rice

Nepali farmers come together to preserve local seed varieties that can cope with climate induced crop failures

How Nepal can avert an economic crunch

Just diversify the tourism and remittance-based economy and explore commercial agriculture

Sky is the limit for Nepal’s women scientists

There are many examples to prove that, given the right opportunities, Nepali women can perform as well as, if not better than,...

Made in Nepal peanut butter in Japan

A Japanese social entrepreneur brings skills and income to Khotang’s peanut farmers by finding export market

Sonia Awale

Agroecology, Nepal’s answer to climate change

As a farmer and educator living in Nepal, I was not part of the dialogue at the UN climate summit (COP26) that just concluded...

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