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DJ Koh, Global President and CEO of Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and galaxy smart watch at an event in New Delhi on Wednesday

Just before the seventh generation of the Galaxy Note series hits its anniversary month, Samsung launched its most awaited Galaxy Note 9 a week ago at a grand event in New Delhi. Recognised for innovation and introduction of the phablet concept, the South Korean smartphone company brings forth its upgraded eighth model specially tailored for business and corporate users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a premium smartphone that keeps up with the busy life of users between work and play. It has a 4,000mAh battery, the largest ever on the Galaxy phone flagship that, after rigorous tests and certifications because of public memory of phones that caught fire, guarantees day-long power.

It comes with an expanded onboard space of 128GB, along with 6GB or 8GB of RAM variant and a microSD card can also be added for an extra storage of up to 1TB. With its 10nm processor, Water Carbon Cooling system and on-device AI-based performance adjusting algorithm, streaming and downloading have never been so stable and fast. The phone is 6.4inch in height.

The Note 9 may not be too much of a novelty for some users in terms of daylong battery life because this feature had already been pioneered by Chinese Huawei and Xiaomi a year ago. However, loyalists of Galaxy Note series prefer to differentiate the smartphone for its stylus which the company resurrected, and it is evident that Samsung does not want to disappoint them. 

Like in every Note series, the S-Pen is the signature feature of the eighth generation too. But what began as a mere tool for writing and drawing has now turned into a powerful device that expands the capability of a smartphone.

For the first time, the smartphone is built with Bluetooth LE wireless technology, allowing the owner to use the pen like a remote control to launch and operate apps and features. As it lasts up to 200 clicks or 30 minutes on a single charge (taking only 40 seconds to charge fully), users can take photos, present slides, play, pause and record audios and videos and much more. App developers can also use this feature to their advantage.

The stylus is backed with another inventive feature of Samsung DeX, an HDMI adapter, for a PC-like experience. The large screen concept which the series highly popularised works well in this case, as users can work on presentations, edit photos and videos, watch favourite shows, or simply connect to a TV or monitor for a fully functional dual screen mode.

Compared to the S-Pen, all other features are nearly invisible, but they are important. The camera has a scene optimiser, which can identify flowers, sunsets, foods and birds. The flaw detector analyses and notifies about any potential issues in the photo. It also detects blinked eyes and blurred images. Users can take sharper images even in a low light.

What smartphone geeks still feel concerned about is the price. The Note 9 is selling for Rs109,900 which is the highest for its flagship series. But as the company provides an array of offers and gifts, pre-bookers can exploit the benefits.

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