This column has been pre-tested on lab rats and has been found to contain no inflammable material and is not a fire hazard as far as we can tell from cursory inspection. However, consumers are warned that if symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and a loss of the sense of balance should, god forbid, persist during the course of consuming aforementioned column they should forthwith and without much ado consult the nearest member of a foreign intelligent agency to lodge a complaint. 

For best results, this column should be consumed with a slice of lemon, a dash of vodka and a pinch of salt within 100 days of manufacture. Management welcomes suggestions and complaints via email, which will be immediately deleted without being read. Anyone found to be taking any of this stuff seriously should go and get his and/or her head examined free of charge by a member of the Head Hunting Department of the Ministry of Infotainment and Commotion, and the Home Ministry. 

And after that word of caution, which is mandatory under current regulations to protect our asses from being hauled over the coals under the new Criminal Code, we can plunge right into singing hosannahs about the grumblement. It has come to our notice that despite taking goose steps in course of the Great Leap Forward, there are still some naysayers out there who are moaning and groaning. They should be ashamed of themselves. 

Here we are, trying to liberate the public from getting depressed reading about more corruption in high places, more examples of rotten policemen, confirmation that the civil liberties are curtailed, and the nabobs of negativism are still complaining about the selection of songs on Nepal Idol. Pampered brats! Let’s spank them. 

We started collecting garbage at 8PM and now the neighbourhood dingo pack is complaining that we have deprived them of their midnight snack. We patched the potholes along the main thoroughfares at BIMSTEC, and shopkeepers are whining about speeding motorcycles. You give them an arm, and they want a leg.

Complain, complain, complain, that’s all they ever do around here. Which is why the Prime Minister had to summon the editors to make them shut up, at which point the editors started complaining that they can’t complain anymore. I’ll tell you what is wrong with this country: there are just too many civilian liberties. How soothing it will be if we did not have to listen to media remind us day and night how bad things are. Then we could pretend everything is hunkydory in the boondocks.