Gut feeling



The burning topic this week is the rainy season that is upon us. The monsoon gets a lot of bad press for its mud, leeches, diarrhoea (verbal and gastric) and flooded streets that swallow up Marutis.

It is time we used these unique selling points to rebrand the Monsoon in the new Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign. What the new logo lacks is a Monsoon Madness Promo. It is incumbent upon us to start cashing in on the rains, and use its hidden potential to attract visitors from areas of the world where rain is rare.

Here are some catchy slogans concocted especially for this occasion:

‘Visit Patan: It Rains Cats, Dogs, As Well As Water Buffaloes’

‘Pay to Wet Your Bed in Nepal’

‘Have the Runs in the Rain’

‘It Never Rains in Nepal, It Pours’

‘Wallow in Waling’

‘Stranded in Lukla? Take a Rain Cheque’

‘Avoid Airport Taxi – Take Gondola To City’

‘Come To Nepal & Start an Umbrella Movement’

‘Visit Patan Best Momos This Side of the Sewage Canal’

‘Enjoy Gwarko, Glastonbury of the Himalayas’

‘Visit Nepal and Lose 10kg in 10 Days, or Your Money Back. Conditions Apply. If in Doubt, Consult Lawyer and/or Gastroenterologist’

‘Fine Print: Contract Diarrhoea and Trigger a Violent Uprising’

‘Visit Nepal and Cultivate a Gut Feeling’

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