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Clay sculpture workshop

Clay sculpture workshop

Participate in sculptor Bishal Sharu Magar’s clay portrait sculpture workshop. A  series of discussions and performances will introduce participants to basic techniques, hand skills, and styles of the artform.

18-24 April 

Hike for Nepal

Hike from Godam to Khanikhola with professionals and guides specialising in cultural heritage tours, hiking and trekking.

17 April, 7am-6pm

Cleaning campaign

Join Harimai Foundation's cleaning campaign to encourage proper disposal of plastics around Kavrepalanchowk’s Narayanthan. 

16 April, 6pm, Panauti Village

Virtual heritage tour

This instalment of the Virtual Heritage Tour by Story Cycle will take viewers to Barpak in Gorkha— six years after the village was torn in the devastating earthquake. Register here.

23 April, 4pm-5pm

Boudha farmers market

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and other goodies every Saturday at Utpala Cafe. Support local businesses.



Try the refreshing Matbucha or the falafel grenade at this Turkish restaurant. The beaten copper bowls at OR2K will take visitors' palate on a flight to the middle-east.

Thamel (01) 4422097

Rhino Cafe

Rhino, serving the only siphon coffee in town, is a quaint little cafe run by a Japanese artist. Choose coffee beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, or Nepal and satisfy post-coffee cravings with deliciously loaded sandwiches.

Jyatha Marg, 9818829546

Organic Smoothie

Resting around the corner of The Radisson Hotel, Organic Smoothie Bowl & Café plates fresh smoothie bowls, sandwiches and drinks.

Lazimpat, 9843514612

Cafe Mozart

With its Viennese charm, Cafe Mozart serves customers a wide array of baked goods along with its famed grilled baguette sandwiches. 

Jhamsikhel, 9840735589

Places Restaurant

A testament to how vegetables can be used in a variety of creative and tasty ways, Places has an entire plant-based tasting menu--from vegan pizzas to vegan comfort food.

Thamel (01) 4700413

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