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Birds of Kathmandu

Birds of Kathmandu

The British Council is organising a family-friendly webinar on the birds found in Kathmandu Valley to encourage more people to take up birdwatching to build interest in and contribute to bird conservation. The webinar will be led by Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) and will include expert advice on getting started with birdwatching in and around Kathmandu Valley.  Register for the webinar here

Deadline: 3 July,  6pm 

Writing Wednesday

Keep an eye out for KathaSatha to put up a prompt for #WritingWednesday, designed for 5 minutes of specific but low-stakes writing. KathaSatha will put up the prompt on Facebook.  Share stories in the comments on KathaSatha’s Facebook page. To share anonymously, send the story in Katha Satha’s DMs or at [email protected]

Virtual benefit concert

Sahayeta Nepal and Sano Paila are joining hands Nepal-born and globally recognised Grammy nominated artist Manose for a benefit concert to raise funds to support organisations on the ground that provide basic essentials such as food, water and PPEs to returning migrants at the Nepal-India border. Books tickets for the concert here

3 July, 6:15am onwards

Danfe arts

Danfe arts’ initiative #danfeartsupports seeks to promote local arts and artists, and will share the work of four artists every week that are available for purchase, followed by an Instagram takeover by the artists over the weekends. Keep an eye out on Instagram for more details.

Mindfulness hike

Join the therapeutic hike organised by Bouddha Retreats do deal with stress, anxiety and other issues pertaining to mental and emotional well-being. Register for the hike here. Get additional information at the the Bouddha Retreats Facebook page. Safety and distancing guidelines apply. 

4 July, Rs1000, 9860812005

Online Archive

Botanical garden tour
Botanical garden tour

Google Earth’s Stop and Smell the Flowers is a journey through eleven of the most breathtaking botanical gardens and arboretums around the world from countries like Russia, Sweden, and Canada, to the Netherlands.

Aji's podcast


Listen to inspiring and extraordinary life stories from Nepal’s elderly community. Find Aji’s Podcasts on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.



Seeker tells award-winning stories about the natural forces and groundbreaking innovations that impact lives, the planet, and the universe. Look for their videos on technology and medical advancement. Find Seeker on YouTube and IGTV.

Photo Museum Nepal


Take a look at at archived photographs from throughout Nepal’s history and learn the stories behind the photographs.

Project Gutenberg


Catch up on classics on public domain. Search for literary classics at Project Gutenberg. Download ebook formats suited to individual devices.


Quarantine Dining


Nothing beats the heat and humidity of summer like ice cream. Browse the menu at Foodmandu to get ice cream from the classic cookies and cream to apple cinnamon and every flavour in between.

Delivery: 12pm-6pm 

Grill Durbar


At Grill Durbar, there isn’ t anything that cant be grilled. Try the signature grilled chicken and the Durbar fries. Check out Foodmandu for more.

Delivery: 12pm-6:15pm, 981378858 , 9841677377, 9803082797

De' Pizza Square

Order De’ Pizza Square’s delicious wood fire pizza. Call to get the meal delivered and to inquire about the delicious Italian menu.

Mangal Bazar, 9803839269

Casa Mexicana


Experience the best of Mexican food. Try the Carnitas burrito, Tinga quesadilla and the traditional Tres Leches cake. Head to Foodmandu to browse for more. 

Delivery: 12pm-6:45pm, Bakhundole, 9803624067

The Vesper


Take a gastronomic tour of Italy during the lockdown. The next best thing to being there is to sample classic Italian fare, washes down with fine wines. Order online.


Jatra Cafe

Jatra Cafe & Bar has an extensive menu of authentic Newa cuisine. But the Samaya Baji Newari khaaja set is one of the best out there and as authentic as it can get. Place orders through the Bhojdeals app.

(01) 4256622