Samsung Air Purifiers makes Kathmandu air breathable

Nepal’s air pollution is worse than ever and respiratory issues are on the rise. Owing to the increasing number of automobiles and construction activities, the quality of air in major cities of Nepal has been severely affected. The air we breathe in Kathmandu has an Air Quality Index of 152 which is a measurement of tiny pollution particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter.

This AQI level is more than four times greater than the acceptable level of AQI of 25 declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO).  PM2.5 are the most common air pollutants that causes several health issues including chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

PM2.5 particles are small enough to cross the air-blood barrier in the human lung, which is why they are more dangerous than larger particles. No one escapes PM2.5, especially if the individual is outdoors a lot.

Now, Samsung has come up with its highly powerful range of Air Purifiers that take out PM2.5 from the room, as well as larger pollution particles as well as other pollutants.

Samsung air purifiers, with their five-step purification system and virus doctor, are designed to provide clean and fresh air in homes. The purifiers are said to filter out 99% of PM2.5 particles.

Samsung Air Purifiers combine ingenuity with practical senses, 5-step purification system, and virus doctor to ensure clean and fresh air inside your home. With these technologies, Samsung Air Purifiers is said to protect you from 99% PM 2.5 and H1N1 viruses.

The purifiers will protect the entire family from harmful particles and viruses. Samsung Air Purifiers are available from the authorised dealer network of Him Electronics Pvt Ltd all over Nepal.

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