Poster: Fast-unto-death for Reforms in Medical Education Bag: Medical Mafia KP Oli: We have come to save you. We will get down to negotiation later. Batsyayan in Kantipur, 20 July

Cartoonists in the Nepali language press have been obsessed with Govinda KC’s hunger strike, which ended after 26 days on Thursday. They used the fast and the government’s initial dismisiveness and high-handed response to ridicule Prime Minister Oli. They lampooned the medical mafia, the Police’s use of fake news and force, and the government’s half-hearted attempt at dialogue.

Doctor to Prachanda and KP Oli: The large intestine is clogged up with red rice. It will be hard to be responsible politicians. (The two shared red rice with tycoon Durga Prasai). Rabi Mishra in Naya Patrika, 21 July
Placards: Fulfill Dr. KC's demands, I support Dr. KC, etc Man: I carry them because I am in the opposition. When I am in power my hands are not free to carry anything! Abin Shrestha in Kantipur, 23 July
Newspaper: Nepali Congress to fight for the people. Man: Nepali congress attacks Oli not in politics but in comedy! Rabi Mishra in Naya Patrika, 20 July
KP Oli: How dare the doctors threaten a government with two thirds majority? We can go abroad, but where will the poor people go for treatment? Rabin Sayami in Nagarik, 20 July
Man: The dialogue with Dr. KC went well. We told him that the Zee Cine awards will be held in Nepal. Rabin Sayami in Nagarik, 26 July
Signboard: Coercion and kidnapping ministry. Phalano in Baarakhari, 22 July
Rajesh KC
Headline: Use of force inside hospital Man: They are drunk on red rice Basu Kshitiz in Annapurna Post, 20 July
KP Oli: Stand up. Take a leap. And catch the bird! (Alluding to the fecklessness of the NC) Vulture: Medical Mafia. Rabin Sayami in Nagarik, 20 July
Poster: Please Stoop To Enter KP Oli: I have two thirds, you hear? I ain’t stooping. Abin Shrestha in Kantipur, 26 July
Basu Kshitiz in Annapurna Post, 20 July