Comical communists

Of late cartoonists have tapped into the rising public disenchantment with the government on issues as disparate as the rape of Nirmala Panta, the proposed Nijgadh airport that will require felling millions of trees, and the friction between two factions of the NCP. Cartoonists have zeroed in on the government’s insensitive responses to serious issues, the seemingly nonsensical quotes providing easy fodder for satire.

Newspaper Headline: ‘Nepal Drowning: Madhav Nepal’

“Mr. Prime Minister, it says Nepal is about to drown!”

“Which Nepal is drowning? The country Nepal or Madhav Nepal?”

Abin Shrestha in Kantipur, 1 October

Madhav Nepal: The country (Nepal) is drowning

On his briefcase: China visit

Basu Kshitiz in Annapurna Post, 2 October

In the newspaper: The country is drowning

KP Oli on TV: The country will not drown, I am bringing ocean liners

Basu Kshitiz in Annapurna Post, 30 September

Policeman: The criminal is found! Capitalism had raped Nirmala!

Durga Baral in Kantipur, 30 September

Signboard: gate to heaven

Gatekeeper: Is everyone from prosperous Nepal?

Girl: Yes, everyone raped Rabin Sayami in Nagarik, 5 October

Signboards outside the window: Punish the rapist, Stop rape, etc

Prachanda: This is definitely a conspiracy against the government!

Durga Baral in Kantipur, 16 September

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