Cartoonists hit at restrictions

This week many cartoonists targeted new laws that restrict press freedom. Their work highlights the fears of shrinking space for media and increasingly authoritarian tendencies of the government.

Rajesh KC in Baahrakhari, Aug 19

On the computer screen: Warning! Evidence found!

On the newspaper: Press

PM Oli: Nothing like that, don't be scared

In his pocket: Criminal Code Act

Reporter holds up: Criminal code (left), Bill regarding privacy (right)

Reporter: Whoa!

Sher Bahadur Deuba and KP Oli: Take it there, not here

Prachanda: Great! I am neither here nor there!

Photographer 1: Mr. PM, can I take a photo?

Photographer 2: Are you sure? Do you give permission?

Photographer 3: The previous one was a bit shaky. Can I take another?

In Newspaper: Prohibition on taking photographs without permission

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