The Alumni team. Photo: THE BRITISH COLLEGE

The British College launched its first alumni network, British College Alumni Network (BCAN) at an event held at Hotel Himalaya on Saturday. The occasion was attended by the principal of The British College John Bateman, programme leaders, staff, and former students from The British College (TBC) and British Model College (BMC).

Aahwan Shrestha has been elected as the Chairman of BCAN. He said, “We are happy and excited at the formation of BCAN. We alumni members make up a web of networks that can be both uplifting and incredibly useful. We hope to conduct many programs in days to come.”

The network has chosen Alina Prajapati as Vice-Chairman, Paribesh Bidari as General Secretary and Tejaswi Thapa as Treasurer. Other members of the committee include Suman Shrestha, Sonam Yangi Lama and Kalpana Pant.

“We congratulate the alumni team of The British College and will be looking forward to supporting the upcoming programs from BCAN. We believe this network will benefit students and create many opportunities,” said Bateman on the formation of the network.

With focus on four platforms- mentorship, careers, events and community service, BCAN aims to provide an active support system to connect and network students of TBC and BMC for various career breaks.

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