Soaltee Crowne Plaza is hosting the annual ‘Uttar Dakshin Food Festival’, at its Indian restaurant Kakori. Offering finely selected dishes to bring the flavours of the Northern and Southern native India, the food festival aims to enhance the gastronomic delight for its guests.

The two-week festival was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri on 16 August. The menu at the festival offers a wide variety of rich non-vegetarian and vegetarian food from North and South India, till 27 August.


The North Indian menu has dairy and cheese items such as Pati dum paneer, Rajasthan kofte, Chingari and Peshwari dal, while the South cuisine touches more intense flavours and spices like Kozhi varutha curry, Kaikari porial and Chettinad vegetables. The juicy and savoury meat items can be combined with roti, rice, biryani and parantha, alongside special chutneys.

The confectionary course has a mix of popular North and South desserts like kulfi, halwa and payasum. Celebrate the gastronomy tradition of whole India at the restaurant.

16-27 August, 7-10:45pm, Kakori, Soaltee Crowne Plaza, (01) 4273999