Originally made popular in Ibiza at places known for its sunset view, like the Cafe Del Mar, a Sun Down party is a social event usually from 5-8 in the evening, where friends gather, sip drinks, groove to music and admire the sunset. 

The social gathering followed by late a night after-party these days happens weekly at Cape Town, Rio de Janiro, St Lucia, Sydney, and Nepal too. A seasonal promotion held by Khukri XXX, the Sun Down Affair is a weekly event that has become Kathmanduites favourite thing to do.

As a part of its massive promotion campaign, Khukri Rum holds a musical evening every Saturday. The company invites various techno, deep house and electro artists, international and Nepalis.

Khukri Rum has already hosted seven such parties at various social hubs like LEVEL 3, Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Embers, Moksh, and Club 25. Because of the venues and its timing, Sun Down Parties are especially favorable for those who cannot stay out late, but want to enjoy early drinks. 

The dress code is cool and casual- shorts, capris, chappals, roundneck tees or floaters — everything works.

The main focus, however, is the cocktail here. Promoting the versatility of Nepal’s award winning liqour, the Sundown Affair offers an exclusive range of rum-based cocktails to be enjoyed alongside live music. The cocktails and shots are experimented and designed by mixologists Din Hassan and Ami Shroff earlier this year. Exotic and exciting cocktails are paired up with perfect finger food.

The eight volume and the last of Sun Down Affair is happening this Saturday at Malla Hotel with Arjun Vagale and Ash Roy. 

29 September, 2pm onwards, Malla Hotel, Lainchour and Club 25, Tangal, Rs500 (including a cocktail)