In honor of its 40th year of operation, Hotel Yak and Yeti took an initiative to engage in community service activities to bring awareness to important social, cultural and environmental issues that will contribute to the betterment of our society.

The hotel in collaboration with Neeva M. Pradhan from the Art of Living Foundation, hosted a talk program to spread awareness and updated information on the situation of stranded cows, buffaloes and calves on the streets and highways of Nepal.

The purpose of this program was to raise awareness about the existence of the cow/animal shelter and to encourage individuals and organizations to become more conscious about such issues and to spread the influence, supporting ‘Mathmandir Gai Bachha Bachau Tatha Samaj Bikash Aabhiyan – 2071’, a cow shelter to adopt and raise stranded cows, buffaloes and calves on the street.

Starting from the 40th anniversary day on 27 September 2017, Hotel Yak & Yeti has conducted various community service activities such as dental hygiene camp for Shree Bal Bikash School, lunch programs and magic show for the underprivileged, a wish tree and lunch program for underprivileged children during Christmas, Darbar Marg cleaning campaign and dance exercise and lunch program in association with the Nepal Parkinson’s Disease Association (NepDA).