Nyatapola alight

Nyatapola Temple

Located at the heart of Bhaktapur in Taumadi, Nyatapola is the tallest temple in Nepal at 30 metres. This five-storey 18th century Malla-era temple, also listed in the World Heritage Site, is a shrine of goddess Siddilaxmi, considered a manifestation of tantric power. The temple took seven months to complete between 1701 to 1702 BS, and did not suffer any major damage in the 2015 earthquake.

Himalayan Destinations recently organised a cultural night where 34 foreigners dressed in traditional Newari customs showcased Newa lifestyle. Mahakali dance was performed during the program.

A woman weaves traditional fabric in front of the temple
A woman plaits straw to make a mat
An elderly woman spins thread out of cotton balls
Women in traditional Newar costume Haku Patasi demonstrate the way of making chiura or beaten rice using large wooden mortar and pestles
A woman prepares food in an earthern pot over traditional Newari mud stove
Locals display pottery from Bhaktapur's famous pottery square
Artists perform Mahakali dance, a traditional masked dance from Bhaktapur
Children participate in the Mahakali dance
Mahakali dance

All photos: Bharatbandhu Thapa

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