Asian Paints


August 2018


Deepesh Shrestha ccess to electricity is taken for granted in many parts of the world today, but in Nepal, depending […]
August 10, 2018

July 2018

WUTHERING HEIGHTS: People in remote Jajarkot risk their lives even for a short journey to neighbouring villages. Photo: Hemanta Kc/RSS […]
July 27, 2018


In the past month, there have been several opportunities for local communities to meet their elected local representatives to hold […]
July 10, 2018

June 2018


he whole world, including Nepal, is now in the grips of the World Cup football tournament in Russia. The host […]
June 25, 2018


t long last, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump had their summit in Singapore, and half of the locals interviewed on […]
June 12, 2018


A whimsical look at how the Nepali state uses corruption to spread the cash around epalis in general are wealthier […]
June 1, 2018

May 2018


How to make money in an unequal world Kunda Dixit nly a handful of people in the world have more […]
May 18, 2018

April 2018

Patan’s ongoing chariot festival is one of the most dramatic and instagrammable festivals in the world Gopen Rai The great […]
April 27, 2018

Nepalis have rebuilt after every natural calamity of the past, but this time we got foreigners to do it for […]
April 13, 2018

March 2018

Replacing polluting three-wheelers in Kathmandu with electric vehicles was a lesson in why money can’t buy you everything Bikram Rai […]
March 30, 2018