Nepali Times goes PWA

Dear Readers, We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, built using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. This marks the third iteration of our website since we first went online in April 2000. We believe it is a significant step forward in our ability to deliver quality journalism to you, our readers in Nepal and around the world.

One feedback we have received from readers is the need for a mobile news app for Nepali Times. With PWA, we are able to make our website feel and behave like a native mobile app, without the need for readers to download or install anything. It allows us to offer you an experience that is mobile-first, fast, and highly responsive.

Another benefit is that whether you are on the move or have limited connectivity, our site will still be available. This is particularly important for readers in Nepal, where internet access can be intermittent.

Additionally, PWA-based sites are easier to find online as they have in-built SEO optimization, which means that you will be able to discover our content more easily.

To achieve this, we have leveraged Superdesk Publisher, a powerful and flexible newsroom publishing platform by Sourcefabric based in Prague.

For Nepali Times, this new rendering option from Superdesk offered an instant mobile-first approach. It complements the feature set of Nepali Times Superdesk Publisher to make it an even more flexible, future-proofed newsroom publishing platform.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank the Sourcefabric team who have worked with us to make this possible for our readers.

For Nepali Times, Superdesk was the perfect choice for our new website, and we are excited to share it with you.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our new site.

You can send in your comment and feedback to [email protected].

Sahina Shrestha
Nepali Times

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