• The Feminist Memory Project
    27 October, 6:30pm, Mangahiti, Patan 
  • Invisible Photographer Asia Awards ‘18
    28 October, 6:30pm, Bubahal, Patan
  • New Wave in Nepali Photography II
    30 October, 6:30pm, Khapinchhen, Patan
  • Unstill Life: African Women Photographers
    31 October, 6:30pm, Tapahiti, Patan

Artist Talks

  • Tour of Langtang Memory Project and stories by the Langtang Community
    27 October, 12–1pm, Chhaya Center, Thamel
  • Katrin Koenning in conversation with Tanvi Mishra
    30 October, 10:30am–12pm, Artudio, Swoyambhu


Bindbox #3

The Bind Collective (India) brings together a selection of photo books and poetry which explore the interconnected themes of gender, sexuality and patriarchy in personal and social spheres across the world.

Till 16 November, 11am–7pm, Namkha, Bagalamukhi, Patan

Sempa Tserah, Kipu Sho

The Langtang Memory Project explores the visual history of Langtang Valley by highlighting voices of Langtangpa women while reflecting on the aftermath of disaster, questions of cultural heritage, and ongoing processes of social change.

Till 16 November, 11am–7pm, Chowk, Ground Floor, Chhaya Center, Thamel

Where Love is Illegal

Because bigotry thrives where we are silenced by fear, Robin Hammond creates a space for LGBTI community to share stories of discrimination and survival.

Till 16 November, 11am–7pm, Tumbahal, Patan

Open Archive

Five-decade-long collection and archive of Nepali digital photos and materials published in Nepali, left open for public. Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya and Nepal Picture Library invites to reminisce the past of multicultural and pluralist Nepal.

Till 1 November, 11am–6pm, Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, Patan Dhoka

The Lost Head and the Bird

Sohrab Hura opens a window into hidden aspects of contemporary India—an
absurd and chaotic world where the boundaries between fact and fiction are blurred; and where
the undercurrents of caste, sexual, religious and political violence lurk beneath the surface.

Till 16 November, 11am–7pm, Kot Pati, Hakha, Patan

The public life of women

A multi-chap ter exhibition that memorialises women’s pasts in the belief that their historical visibility will advance the case for liberation.

Till 16 November, 11am-7pm, Bhai Dega, Patan

Brotherhood/ Gurkhas’ sons

A two part series bringing together the archive of Shreedhar Lal Manandhar with a photographic series shot by his niece Nina Manandhar. She responds to her uncle’s work by interpretating the brotherhood concept in different forms and ways.

Till 16 November, 11am–7pm, 1st Floor, Chhaya Center, Thamel/ Bhugol Park, New Road, Kathmandu

Islands of our bodies

A multimedia project inquiring into the body of women through abstraction, fantasy, and reality.

Till 16 November, 11am-7pm, Kaalo.101, Nagbahal, Patan

The Independent Chronicler

Celebrating Shreedhar Lal Manandhar’s wide ranging and influential career which has served as an inspiration for generations of Nepali photographers. 

Till 16 November, 11am-7pm, 1st floor, Chhaya Center, Thamel

There are no homosexuals in Iran

Laurence Rasti from Switzerland explores the concepts of identity and gender, and seeks to restore the face of Iranian homosexuals (stuck in a transit zone) which their country stole from them.

Till 16 November, 11am-7pm, Pimbahal, Patan

The Lightning Testimonies

A multi-channel video installation by Amar Kanwar that reflects upon a history of conflict in the Indian subcontinent through experiences of sexual violence, and transports us beyond the realm of suffering into a space of quiet contemplation, where resilience creates the potential for transformation.

Till 12 April, 11am-7pm, 6th floor, Chhaya Center, Thamel

Farmer's market

A perfect place to shop for fresh and healthy food, catch up with friends and family, or simply relax in the garden, this is a food lover’s haven.

Saturday, 8am-12:30pm and Wednesday, 4-7pm, Le Sherpa, Maharajganj, (01) 4428604

Tshechu festival

An annual religious festival in Bhutan held in temples, monasteries and dzongs. Witness the religious mask dances and colorful Bhutanese dances, receive blessings and socialize, every Wednesday.

Till 14 September- 24 October, 3pm onwards, Bhutan Vision, Chhauni, 9801077752