Narrowing the gap for palliative care in Nepal

With more nuclear families and seniors left in Nepal by children abroad, demand for hospice care grows

Yugottam Koirala

Census or consensus?

Nepal's social demographic data reflects its diversity, but it's socio-political make-up is anything but


Nepal-India power play

PM Dahal’s electricity trade deal with India will stop third country involvement in Nepal’s hydropower

Ramesh Kumar

A mother celebrates Pride

Amidst the members of the LGBTQIA+ community gathered to celebrate Pride month around Phewa Lake in Pokhara this week, was Sukundhara Sunar,...

Durga Rana Magar

Nepali cities must champion climate action

The decisions urban centres take to combat the crisis today will shape the future

Rastraraj Bhandari and Simone Weichenrieder

In high places

Comparing the impact of climate breakdown in the Alps and the Himalaya

Kunda Dixit in Berne

Political environment

Nepal’s environmental crises are a direct result of democratic decay

We used to be flowering trees

In contrast is Kathmandu with its “width not enough to last a run”, with its sudden gorges and hills

Pratibha Tuladhar

Comparing Maina Sunwar and Resham Chaudhary cases

Both are cases of criminal political violence, but the security forces are perpetrators in one and victims in the other

Aastha Dahal