Nepal-India trans-boundary bonds

National borders do not just divide countries, they also join them

Chandra Kishore

Nepal TJ Bill protects perpetrators, shortchanges survivors

Amendment to the Transitional Justice Bill not on par with domestic and international laws, say human rights groups

Five Decades of Lok Chitrakar

The art of making the invisible visible through paubha

Shaguni Singh Sakya

Protecting protected areas from infrastructure

Highways, irrigation canals, transmission lines and new railways disturb Nepal’s national parks

Sonia Awale

Defence mechanism

The Nepal Army has no business going into business


Quid pro quo quagmire

For almost a month now, nameplates bearing the name of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal have hung outside 16 of Nepal’s ministries...

Santa Gaha Magar

From serf to solicitor

Urmila Chaudhari pursues a law degree to provide former bonded labourers like herself legal support

Santosh Dahit

In search of stolen gods at the Met

For decades the Met has been adding to its antiquities collection pieces of dubious origin, including from Nepal. Now, its reputation is eroding.

Namrata Sharma, Spencer Woodman, Malia Politzer and Delphine Reuter

Finding your way in Nepal

As Nepalis, we navigate narrow gallis, winding streets, construction work, and traffic jams every day. Due to the unplanned nature of Nepal’s...

Prithvi Jung Khadka

Nepali Times goes PWA

Dear Readers, We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, built using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. This marks the third iteration of our website since we first went online in April 2000. We believe it is a significant step forward in our ability to deliver quality journalism to you, our readers in Nepal and around the world.

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Clearing the air

From waste management, sewage, over population, to air pollution everything has only got worse in Kathmandu

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