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Diplomatic disaster

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

From the Nepali Press, Roshan Khadka in Naya Patrika, 12 December

Nepali Ambassador to Brazil Pradyumna Bikram Shah has been seen riding a government-issued vehicle with a local woman named Lu Jaretti. Sources say the two have been in a relationship for the past one year and numerous photos of the couple on  Jaretti’s Facebook corroborate this claim.  In one picture, the Nepali ambassador to Kuwait Madhuban Paudel has commented, “Wow, I am so jealous.”

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Sources add further that the ambassador does not come to the office on time most days. “He comes late and returns early,” admitted one.  “Whenever he goes out, he leaves his family members at the residence,” says another. However, most officials at the embassy are tight-lipped about the whole affair because they fear losing their jobs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently undecided about whether to take action against Shah. “We are aware about Ambassador Shah spending a lot of time with Jaretti and the photos on Facebook make this clear,” said an official from the ministry.

Shah’s wife, singer Pyaru Shah lives in Kathmandu and had earlier lodged a complaint against her husband for taking a female helper to Brazil.

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7 Responses to “Diplomatic disaster”

  1. Tashi Lama on Says:

    Ha!…ha!…ha!….showing the true color of their inner being, what we can expect from these selfish shallow minded officials of Nepal, except with very few good ones, most are similar to the Shah’s behavior! So, who is the responsible to have him on this high post of Nepal’s ambassador to Brazil? Either it is a government of Panchayat, or of a Multy party or of a Gyanendra, or of a Maobati, all these stupid Khaibatis are there sucking the blood of Nepal. Nothing has changed in Nepal, it is even getting worse than the previous governments! So, sad to know about! When will Nepalese wake up from this helpless situation? When will Nepal change for the good?

  2. Ramprasad on Says:

    Wow i am also jealous..

  3. Ambo! on Says:

    Since when did the Nepali Times start publishing trashy tabloid material? That said, the ambassador clearly appears to be experiencing a mid-life crisis and should either dump his girlfriend or return home (or both) and get a grip on things. I feel sorry for his wife and family. May his family find the strength to cope through this difficult period in their lives. And may the ambassador come back to his senses quickly.

  4. DB on Says:

    So What?

    That’s his personal matter – let him be himself. There are better things to focus on for this site…

  5. Brad on Says:

    His personal life has nothing to do with his professional life. If he has a mistress, it is not the business of the state. It’s pure tabloid journalism for NT to show the photos above – I expect more from this news outlet

    His performance is what is at issue here. If he is not doing his job, then he should be investigated and removed – regardless of what the distraction may be.

  6. Arjun on Says:

    Irresponsible journalism based on speculation and sensationalism with no evidence. Roshan Khadka, can you name your sources? Ethical journalism is about stating the facts based on evidence and not fictional stories and catchy headlines. You should be able to provide names, photos and videos of your sources saying whatever you claim that they said, and not use obscure fictional characters as your ‘sources.’ If you have ever written anything legitimate in life you would understand that “Sources say”, “admitted one” , “sources add further” does not mean anything when you are trying to prove something. Neither does photos of two people posing for the camera. Your premises are weak and your conclusion unclear. As for evidence, you have provided none! My advice to you is that you should go get some real education if you really want to be a journalist and learn some English as well. It is such a shame that such a big name media would allow such a stupid report and such horrible, horrible English! And of course, there will always be readers who are predisposed to loathing, stereotyping and sensationalism and never capable of critically analyzing news articles. For them whatever is fed to them by the media is god’s truth. There is no salvation for such people. Media is supposed to be the “watchdog of democracy.” In our case, the watchdog is blind and greedy and as for the democracy… ask anyone on the street about it

  7. yam gurung on Says:

    These diplomats and other MPs of Nepal,have always missued their “Status”.And nothing has been done to stop these fat cats missuseing the taxpayers money.

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