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PM caretaker: Prez

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Three days after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, President Ram Baran Yadav has hinted that Baburam Bhattarai is a caretaker prime minister, and has cautioned him not to go about it alone.

In a very carefully worded statement, the President has used diplomatic language to suggest that he had a greater responsibility in the absence of the Constituent Assembly. He thanked the members of the cabinet, hinting that their role was now over after the constituent assembly and parliament were dissolved.

The president has asked the prime minister not to try to go about it alone until elections, announced for November 22, and has said that as a caretaker government it should only implement day-to-day decisions. The statement also suggests that the president’s office will be forced to be more active if Bhattarai tries to rule by himself.

Later in the evening on Tuesday, the president also met members of the NC, UML and other parties who have been calling for Bhattarai to step down immediately. He asked them to try to work together with the Maoists, suggesting that they should form a government of national consensus.

The prime minister’s adviser, Devendra Poudel, played down the president’s statement in an interview with BBC Nepali. “This is normal for the president to take this role in a situation when the CA has ceased to exist,” he said, “and we have always said we want to work with a new all-party government.”

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9 Responses to “PM caretaker: Prez”

  1. Mahesh Basnet on Says:

    Another Bahun PM who wants to PM for life. Mr. Bhattrai, you are no longer a member of the C A. You have zero moral authority to stay in Baluwatar. You are just the same as others that came before you like Khanal and Dahal. If people do not respect you, how are you a leader. Its one thing to blow bombs as terrorist and another to govern a Nation. The Maoist are now exposed only as power hungry and egotistical maniacs. Mr. Bhattrai you have shamed all the Nepalis and Nepal by not coming up with a Constitution. You are a disgrace and you have failed the people.

  2. Prahlad K pant on Says:

    Its crunch time Nepal ko neta haru. The pressure from the people should increase each day until these netas are forced to produce. Till today, they have lived in luxury, wined and dined while the country suffered and the people wept. We now live with instant communications, in flash we can have access to America or England via the web and blogs. We have cell phones, ipad, iphones that can take picture and video, so we are not alone or confined or censored. Nepali netas must pay for dammage they have inflicted on us. If not today, definitely tommorow, we are watching you disgraced and sahmeful netas. BRB is still in office, no shame, he has not quit. That speaks volumes about things we can expect from these crooked netas. But, guess what, the impunity has ended, day of judgement is near.

  3. Sunil Pradhan on Says:

    Baburam Bhattarai ! You are a lair ! You have let down the Nepali people. We can never trust you again. Its a disgrace that you are hanging on to a chair instead of resiging your post. Caretaker PM… a few more and you will push out, forced out. The Maoist party needs to expel you and Dahal for the treason you both have commited. You are a sorry example to the people who died in the revolution. You are just a cheap liar, same as other lying politicians…. except you have a Ph D, a useless degree.

  4. Mahesh Acharya on Says:

    Mr. B R B – what a shame that you are the same politicians like others, we thought may be you were different, that was a big drama from you. Just get out of Baluwatar, you cannot live there any more, people hate you now for your lies, you have disappointed many of us. I wish the Maoist destroy each other and end their existence. My brothers died in the war for NOTHING. You are a coward , Baburam a low life coward

  5. Sunil Rai on Says:

    Mr. Bhattarai, you are now downgraded to a caretaker, which in Nepali means a paale. Do you feel any shame, any remorse, any guilt. Why are still in the official residence, you need get out immediately or people will throw you out. You are all the same kind, lying and cheating Neta, you can go to hell, where you deserve to be.

  6. Jujubhai on Says:

    Look at the history ofBangladesh and decide intimeforNationalGovernment for election.It would better if it is headed by the Chief Justice. Read thewritingonthewall.It should notbeapartisan institution.Don,t play with the future of the country.The struggle will be protracted one too.

  7. South Asia Masala » Future unclear for Nepal on Says:

    [...] yesterday issued an abstruse statement that appeared to lend support to Bhattarai as caretaker but remained mute on the question of [...]

  8. Swonti Shrestha on Says:

    Forget about this chaotic republic…. Establish cultural monarchy, eliminated expensive 601 and even more costly president and vice president, what is the use? Give its’ poulation size, and poverty of course, the country should have no more than 200 parilament members! Eliminate all radical ideologists with the help of Army and impartical intellecuals!

  9. Vija Srestha on Says:

    Stepping down immediately would be very irresponsible from any PM as there must be something in place that would let go on.All the parties must take part in forming concensus government if they really are interested in continuing to reach the goal,Constitution drafting,elections or referendum.Do we as the country have finances to waste on election compains?One of the articles wrote that CA members did their job what the parties ecpected them to do.In my understanding CA members responsibilites are completely different.They must not belong to any political orientation,those are members of the public that inthe final stage decide,vote for the usefulness ,law interpretation or not of the Constitution.The whole concept of the responsibilites of CA are in base wrong.How can we ever come to final draft if politics are meddling even in CA or in Supreme Court.The responsibilites of these two institutions must be clearly defined.Any educated professional from the society can be members of these institutions,as in a court,where the members of the jury reason their opinions and take the final stance on the decision.No political parties or any member of any political party must be involved in CA.

    The proposal of Federal States must be abondend as it is useless for the country like Nepal.It is better to abondend a bad idea than to force something rotten in.

    Development regions with plans worked out by the people of that region,full control of the investment and finances by people of that region,without political orientations,pure and simple interests and investment control by the people and their prioritization of the needs in the region.And let’s not sit and do nothing and let’s stop talking about party politics and let’s not think about differences,let’s talk about usefulness .

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