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Govt. to ban

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Nepal Telecommunications Authority has written to all Internet Service Providers to immediately block dozens of sites it deems objectionable.

The list includes URLs that have explicit sex or violent content but also includes sites like and the website of the rock band Sex Pistols.

Other sites include of San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), which trains people to become sex educators and operates a free information and referral switchboard., the website of a prestigious scientific journal, is included as well. Yet another is, an outreach project for sex workers.

The full list of sites to be banned by the government is:…/satc…sex/92-10-21_sex.htm

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40 Responses to “Govt. to ban”

  1. Satish Shrestha on Says:

    “Nepali ko buddhi kando pachhadi” – is what came into my mind as I was reading this piece of news. Seriously, wtf ? Why does our authority resort to the worst alternative possible ? Nepal Telecommunications Authority and possibly every other so-called authorities in Nepal has bigger fishes to fry. Why waste energy and resources in petty stuff ? I seriously wonder if the people who made these decisions even know what youtube, huffingtonpost or sfsi are.

  2. Manyu Dixit on Says:

    I disagree with Nepal Telecommunications Authority completely. For me, the country does not control underage porn viewing, the parents and/or the guardians do. The others, are old enough to decide what is right and what is wrong.

    However, being a developing country, you need some socially responsible acts and bans on porn sites may be necessary. But banning youtube is just stupid. Plain Stupid. If they think that youtube, and is porn, then I am amazed how they got the job.
    Also, I want to gift them a poster of the punk rock band “sex pistols”, because they are banning their site. And also gift them their CDs. Its not a Bribe… obviously. Could the writer of this piece tell me to whom and where I should send the poster and the CDs to?

  3. Nepali on Says:

    WTF! They Blocked Youtube as well!!!

  4. ushaft on Says:

    Welcome to Naya-Nepal !

    All hail the secular, people’s federal national republic of Nepal- wow, quite a mouthful. And my tongue already hurts.


  5. Aakar on Says:

    What the hell is doing this Nepal government… They are banning youtube,huffpost,sexpistol etc in the name of porn site…We don’t want such censorship and dictatorship in Internet as well as in media. Government shouldn’t have underestimate the power of Internet and the power of Internet users.

  6. Gopal on Says:

    Hello !!!! why ????????

  7. jange on Says:

    Looks like NTA staff have time on their hands to surf porn sites.

    Would be interesting to have details of their criteria on deciding which sites to ban and which not to. In the interests of transparency NTA should be made to divulge this information. Otherwise how can we know what to put on our own websites and what not to put in. The wording of the current regulations are too dependant on the whims of a few officials.

    Once an website is put on the banned list how does it get out? Does NTA have the staff to monitor all the sites on the web? If not then it should be taking on more staff if it really wants to implement the regulation and fairly and impartially. For example there are millions of pornographic websites on the web but NTA has banned only a few tens of them. So, who in NTA spends is working day surfing the net for porn sites? We need to know. If the moral or ethical character of the porn spotter is flawed then the public will get poor service. Does NTA have procedures to ascertain the moral rectitude of its censors?

    Is there an appeals procedure? What is to stop NTA staff investing in websites and banning competing website?

    If any of the websites sues the NTA and is awarded compensation who pays? The officers of the NTA involved in the decision or the government of Nepal (i.e. us the ordinary Nepalis).

    Maybe the websites have bribed NTA officials to put them on the banned list so that they can get some free publicity? The NT has published the list on its website. Soon ever newspaper in Nepal will have published the list.

    Join the NTA- surf for porn and get paid for it!!!!

  8. TD on Says:

    Huffpost banned? Seriously? No judgment I pass now will surpass the sheer idiocy of the rationale given by the NTA. Ha ha ha

  9. Jiban on Says:

    They are doing the worst.. why are you listing the name of the websites, why are ou doing free advertisments…??? huh… they have also covered it here

  10. Deeps on Says:

    Proxy use garyo vane.. jun site ni khulcha.. lol

    yo block garera hune kei hoina…. manche ko mentallity nai banda huncha parcha…

  11. divine on Says:

    World is growing faster and faster in the field of internet and other new development. The Government of Nepal and NTA who knows only how to get commission and no any prestige that they take the salary from the tax paid by us , enjoy on the effort and dignity of the people and wants to rule dictators ship and says that we are fighting for new Nepal . Is it a new Nepal . In where all people were have to song the songs of chor and corruption Political Leaders and Corruption Employer of Nepal government. In the name of blocking porn site they are taking of the rights of people . By blocking site like Youtube. If they really wants to block the site first they have to block themself and should take off them self form the corruption mind to really well mind.

  12. Nova on Says:

    This is seriously stupid and phucked up. I mean seriously, what the hell? Youtube? I mean common? SERIOUSLY? YOUTUBE! The place where you watch new Lady Gaga videos and others! THERE IS NO PORN IN YOUTUBE. YOU SHOULD CHECK THE RULES. Sex Pistols is a band, I mean what the hell… they are NOT a porn site. And, SEX AND THE CITY? THAT’S A FREAKIN’ TV SHOW! WHAT THE FUCK!? SERIOUSLY.

  13. Anonymous on Says:

    First thing, the site blocked is *utube* and not *Youtube* .. which has been around like fire .

    Regarding the blocking of those sites. I find that a plain and simple way to get paid for nothing. All those resources put in to work for the purpose and the efforts are gonna go in vain for even a 8 year old kid who enjoys facebook knows that there is this thing called a ‘free proxy server’ . Someone should run a VPN business now :)

    I was expecting an even bigger list for it was to come from NTA .. seems like some guy asked his/her sons/daughters to collect the list of porn sites off from school and forwarded them around.

  14. Gemmi on Says:

    Youtube banned!! What a joke! I guess they’re now following the northern neighbour. But seriously, they’ll finally need to make ‘sex’ unsearcheable in google!!

  15. !shwor on Says:


    find the proxy server list from here ; to surf the banned website…LOL

  16. who cares on Says:

    how are they gonna block millions of sites which keep on changing their address?

    some research in india or west said that porn reduces rape case, sexual abuse.

    dont the idiot govt know sex is one of the basic human needs others are food, shelter, healthcare, eduction.

    i say, govt should guarantee free sex for all above 21.

    are you with me nepalese.

  17. SB on Says:

    Hackers of the world unite! Please take over Teach them some manners on freedom and online browsing.

  18. Nepzie on Says:

    WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF!!!! can’t control my laugh !!! can’t help !!! hehehehehe !!! ****** stupid government … the most hilarious one is about Sex Pistols … looks like they googled “sex” and banned whatever showed up …

  19. Manche on Says:

    For once people “kaag le kaan lagyo bhanne ki kaan chamne??” You can easily access youtube (mero adsl line ho so bandha garna time lagyaa bhaye taha chaina)

  20. Ganesh Rai on Says:

    Looks like it is that is banned not YouTube. But and sex-pistols? Jut shows how stupid we are.

  21. Nirmal on Says:

    It’s totally ridiculous to block youtube, huffingtonpost, Why they are blocking youtube? when they already don’t allow the porn videos there. What they find there to block?
    I think they don’t have any predefined legal criteria to define the word “Porn”. They are doing in very unprofessional and random way.
    If they think so, there are so many bloggers who designed porn site in blogspot, then why don’t they block

  22. margreta on Says:

    I remember going to get my nepal work visa renewed once. I was sent upstairs to the accounts office to pay the fee, and noticed some of the office workers in a corner, huddled around a computer. they were all men, and none of them seemed to notice i had walked in the room. of course they were engrossed in their (now censored) “viewing”, porn! (“KATHY DOES KATHMANDU”?). What a shock when i snuck up behind them and they quickly shut the computer down!

    Huffington Post will definitely enjoy its new found status as porn mecca!

    i’m wondering how much research they are putting into this to add to their ever growing list of blocked sites. Hey, people in Nepal need jobs, so being a website censoring monitor sounds like a damn good one. I hear the job has great benefits

  23. Nanda Garbuja on Says:

    Gys its not youtube,the banned proposal is carefully b4 u make any comment

  24. ashim on Says:

    Pretty pathetic that our government has to resort to censorship to make it seem like they are doing *something*. When did the politicians get a mandate to treat people like their 10 year old children? Although it may seem like a harmless excercise in banning “explicit” or “offensive” material, it is only a first step towards a police state where the government decides what information we are (or are not) able to consume.
    In the mean time, till this is reverted, you could try to get to these banned sites from third party “proxy servers” (ex:

  25. Amazinc on Says:

    These Nepalese Government don’t have time dealing with the current harsh situation of Nepal made by them and they are running behind like a mad dog to control internet. I think they wildly like always and like dog’s tail blocked all the site that had content with word “sex” no matter it is related to good or bad…

  26. risayeko manchhe on Says:

    and why the f ban it is definitely not a porn site.

    bureaucrats in nepal needs serious overhauling of their temperament…. conservativeness ko parakasta bho!

    if you really what to censor then bloody censor granth/epics, tudal and your brain….

  27. Amazed on Says:

    How stupid can the Baajes at NTA get? Banning respectable sites like Huffingtonpost and Springer!!! What next, ban Time, Newsweek, and, ah yes, Nepalitimes. Just shows how ill informed the idiots are at NTA are.

  28. Sumita on Says:

    I can’t understand why the readers are shocked by this? (youtobe, Huffington Post…) being blocked! It’s Nepal ..people!! Take a look at the people running the government!! They haven’t seen anything behind their ‘chya ‘ cup. They are a pile of crap…/Pathetically Stupid people!

  29. Subin on Says:

    What actually happened here is something different. These fuckers think that they can handle us like the North Korean government. They are afraid to come to the public who criticize them and are trying to suppress our voice. Everything they are doing will finally result in our leaders being thrown away like Gyanendra.
    Can’t we sue the government for going against our privacy? If so, why not form a group, maybe an organization and work together?
    I’d love to sue this new rule.
    Its not the matter of youtube or utube. Its about our rights. We don’t have electricity, we don’t have good network, good internet, we have nothing good. Still, we did not speak anything. And now these idiots are trying to close our source of information, entertainment and contact. We cannot let this happen.
    We cannot be afraid of our government. Our government should of afraid of its people.


  30. Rohit Rai on Says:

    If one understands and are so harmful to the general public, why does US Government, UNICEF, Rotary International and most other INGOs keep the links in their official website?

    Now US Embassy website must also quickly review Nepal Government latest move to remove beyond users reach.

  31. rabzkarma on Says:

    This comes as no surprise to me. What surprises me are the reactions from the readers. Yes, it makes no sense at all. Yes, this will not really stop seekers from finding their thrills on the Internet. Yes, they can always use proxy, and yes, there are hundreds others that have eluded NTA sex experts’ scrutiny. But think of all the loss that Nepal’s economy has had to incur due to these sites. When net users can access racy and lewd photos and videos from the comfort of their homes and beds, they will stop patronizing sleazy dance restaurants and massage parlors. Teenagers will stop frequenting dance clubs and spend their afternoons surfing through porn sites. Pimps will lose out when their clients can easily stay home and jerk off.

    We all know that the dance restaurants and other establishments that have been promoting other social ills enjoy the protection of police and high level politicians. So any suggestion of dwindling customer base will lead them to take irrational measures to shoot down competitions. If Nepali government truly wanted to curb sexual exploitation and lewd activities that are deemed offensive, they would have targeted innumerable dance restaurants blaring their music well into the wee hours even in residential areas. But why would they? After all, they enjoy huge kickbacks from these restaurant owners; i.e. if they already do not have a stake in the those businesses. Instead, our government demonstrate their commitment to fight social ills by blocking a handful of porn sites. Sadly, this is just another example of our inability to make real changes that matter.

    Look out for black market teeming with porn movies now. And don’t be surprised if NTA officials have already got a jump start by preparing porn CDs for sale. After all, they are our nation’s ultimate sex experts, as proven by their move to block out porn sites.

  32. Nirmal on Says:

    This is an insult to free press, the huffingtonpost should respond firmly against the violation of very basic norm of press freedom. What a shame as a nepali for this denigrant act perpetated by one of the most corrupt and undemocratic govt of nepal.

  33. suman on Says:

    When I just typed the word “Sex” on Google, there were 573,000,000 results in 0.13 seconds. I wonder why our government is so worried about Porn-Watchers’-Pillars-of-the-Nation! How about minding their own business & drafting Constitution on time? If I wanna watch Pornography than that’s my business. I’ve got freedom to watch porn! (But in reality, I don’t.)

  34. Gnuj Apaht on Says:

    They banned Huffington Post?!! Wonder whose direction they did this under. Huffington Post is a liberal American newspaper that is socially progressive and hugely entertaining. Nothing vulgar there, it is not a porn site. What are we turning into now – a communist dictatorship or something??

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  36. Swopnil on Says:

    Hahahaha….they blocked sex pistols website…..funnies shit nepali dumbasses can do……….baula haru……anything that has sex in it has something to do with porn is what they think……and all these sites easily accesible through proxy……..what a lame move by the government…………….hahahaha damn …..i bet the guy who brought this rule up jacks offf to porn……

  37. jeeeez on Says:

    Stupid government officials. They never studied world history did they? Whatever u ban , it just makes it bigger and more popular. How they gonna block millions of porn sites. New ones created everyday. I’m embarrassed by the government. Its a backward, primitive and juvenile decision. Other countries will be laughing at us.

  38. Nepal Scholarships on Says:

    This is just sheer nonsense from Nepal Government. Has the blogspot website been unlocked?

  39. Blogspot blogs, Huffingtonpost, SFSI among blocked websites in Nepal | Nepali Movies, Entertainment on Says:

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